The Code

I’ve read plenty about mission statements.  They don’t seem to work for me.

As a guy, I would rather have “A Code”.

My code is …


1.)    Achieve private victories before public ones.  Success in anything starts with me working on myself.

2.)    Large successes are made up of hard work, small steps and persistence.

3.)    Live with discipline, determination, integrity, courage and kindness.


How does this apply to building wealth?

Just read MND (Millionaire Next Door).  It is chock full of examples of wealthy people attributing their success to character traits such as these.

That being said, this isn’t my code to become rich.  It is to be a better person, father, husband and friend to the people around me.

What is your Code?

2 thoughts on “The Code

  1. If I were to put my code down into words I would say “secure my own financial health, and be as generous as possible in the process.” For me it is all about financial security and giving away as much of my wealth as I can. My code is the center out of which all of my financial decisions are made.

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