SHORT: What Are Weekends For?

What I’ve never understood is why people change their habits on the weekend.  For me, a habit is something I feel like doing day in and day out.  Not necessarily at the beginning, but I feel that way once it’s a habit. Take waking up early as an example.  I learned several years ago that…

Web Browsing Bits

Quick post about a few great new sites that I’ve found over the past few weeks. 1.) is by a guy who blogs about his own financial journey but he’s been doing it since 2003!!!!  I’ve really been enjoying browsing his posts from years ago to understand his process.  Although I’m going about things…

Career Musings

I don’t write much about my career but I should. It is the single largest non-house investment and most profitable thing I do.

This post simply outlines my career path and salaries I’ve had so far.

SHORT: Want Money? … Just Ask

I called our internet carrier yesterday and asked them about ways we could lower our bill.  They tried to up-sell me on bundled services, but after I repeatedly declining their offers, they lowered our bill by $22 (approx 30%).  It took about 15 minutes and we had to go into a one year contract.  But…